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Living in the Past by RednBlackSalamander Living in the Past by RednBlackSalamander
Whether you believe that we should let go of the past, or that we should remember and honor it (I heard there was this one asshole who even drew a whole comic series about it!), can we at least agree that the seven-ish college kids who meet after class once a week to talk about socialism were not responsible for the slaughter of 1937? Yes, their creepy Lenin-worship and constant attempts to sell us newspapers can get annoying, but some of them are decent people and these grudges accomplish nothing.
Cochegara Featured By Owner Edited Sep 24, 2015
During 1930s "democratic" Europe and America made millions of its citizens became homeless, which were shooted with machineguns "for vagrancy" - mostly not even injured, but sentenced to prison, which means concentration camps.

Meanwhile, ethnic cleansing were committed in colonies and China long before the Reich.
Only Churchil had killed 60 millions of hindu.
Cochegara Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
Only 10 soviet citiesens were sentenced to death during 1937.
Most of
convicts weren't even imprisoned, they were fired.
Valendale Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh god I facepalmed hard trying to explain to an anarcho capitalist who tried to use the Spanish Civil War that the anarchists who fought in it were mostly socialists, and it was Stalinists who betrayed them when the revolutionaries decided to fight alongside the republicans against the fascists, because it went against the imperial interests of Moscow and from the Stalinist perspective if they helped the anarchists win they'd also be helping republican bourgeoisie, thinking if they could force both sides to submit they could get a Russian foothold in Spain.
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